Application process for free equipment

If after reading the requirements you think you'll be a good recipient of the equipment then follow the link below to apply. Note that you must have an active server in the pool system to get considered. Note that we'll be considering the applications over the next months as we have equipment, so you can add your server(s) today and still apply for the equipment!

We will accept applications for the first equipment from (new or established) pool members until October, 15th and will announce who is going to receive the equipment at the end of October. Depending on the flow of applications we might give out all the equipment in one batch or over the fall and winter.

Requirements for PCI cards

  • A reasonably clear view of the sky for the GPS antenna (if a handheld GPS device can lock a location then it should be okay)
  • A supported Unix (Linux or OpenBSD) system with a free PCI slot
  • Enough bandwidth to participate in the pool
  • Plans to stay in the pool for 15 months or more. If you leave the pool before 15 months we'll ask you to pass on the equipment to another pool member.
Apply for a meinberg PCI card.

Requirements for the GPS time server

  • You don't need a separate Linux system to run the time server, but it's preferred if you have at least 5Mbit bandwidth for the time server so we can use it as a infrastructure "hub node".
  • If you run the lantime gps time server we'd also like to put other (1U or smaller) equipment on your network to help manage the pool.
  • If you stop being able to host the time server for pool use, we'll ask that you return it so we can get it hosted somewhere else. In other words, if you volunteer to host the time server we're looking for extreme longevity.
Volunteer to host the LAN time server.