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Account: 3eck (#1v7e1qz)
Zones: @ ch europe

Current score: 20.0 (only servers with a score higher than 10 are used in the pool)


In the graph above the green, orange and red dots are offsets (in milliseconds, using the left axis).
The blue or red (bigger) dots are the calculated scores (using the right axis).

Client distribution

The units are in permyriad (‱, 1/10000). "100" equals one percent of DNS queries from the specified country.

The countries are ordered by number of DNS queries answered with the server IP from this country. The second number is the servers permyriad of the overall "netspeed" for countries configured for the server.

# 22570, CSV log What do the graphs mean?

The Score graph

A couple of times an hour the pool system checks the time from your server and compares it to the local time. Points are deducted if the server can't be reached or if the time offset is more than 100ms (as measured from the monitoring systems). More points are deducted the bigger the offset is.

The graph is only meant as a tool to visualize trends. For more exact details of what the monitoring system found you can click on the CSV link.

The Offset graph

The monitoring system works roughly like an SNTP (RFC 2030) client, so it is more susceptible by random network latencies between the server and the monitoring system than a regular ntpd server would be.

The monitoring system can be inaccurate as much as 10ms or more.

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