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As of 2019-03-25

Projekat pool.ntp.org je veliki virtuelni klaster vremenskih servera koji obezbeđuju NTP servis koji je dostupan milionima klijenata.

Pool koristi od milion do deset miliona sistema širom sveta. On je osnovni "vremenski server" za većinu važnijih Linux distribcija i puno mrežnih primena (pogledati informacije za vendore).

Zbog velkog broja korisnika mi smo uvek u potrazi za dodatnim serverima. Ako imate server sa statičkom adresom uvek dostupnom na internetu, molimo Vas da razmislite da pridružite server u sistem.

Projekat održava i razvija Ask Bjørn Hansen i velika grupa saradnika sa mailing liste. Izvorni kod sistema Vam je dostupan ovde.

Hosting i pristup za "hub" servere su omogućili Develooper i Phyber Communications.

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  • May 21, 2017

    How to Configure NTP for Use in the NTP Pool Project

    Daniel Ziegenberg wrote a tutorial for Digital Ocean on configuring NTP for the NTP Pool on Ubuntu.

    Oliver Nadler has another tutorial covering non-Ubuntu, too.

  • January 1, 2017

    NTP Pool Forum

    There’s a new forum for discussion related to the NTP Pool at community.ntppool.org. Please come join us. There are a couple interesting threads about the recent leap second and lots of empty space for your questions or suggestions. :-)

    The NTP Pool mailing lists are generously hosted on lists.ntp.org on the Network Time Foundation infrastructure. Those servers moved this summer and it’s been a bit of “rough seas” since. Over the summer hundreds of people got unsubscribed because mail deliveries were failing and the lists were bouncing all mails for a while in the second half of December.

    We’ll keep having the mailing list, too. In particular for people new to the project having us build out the new forum will be better (search, better access to archives, getting more mail in your email inbox is optional, etc).

    Happy new year!

  • December 19, 2016

    Excessive load on NTP servers

    Since last Tuesday some countries have seen an excessive number of queries to the NTP Pool.

    After much detective work on nanog (conclusion) and the #NTP IRC channel it was determined to be a buggy Snapchat app update.

    Hopefully the Snapchat developers will fix it soon (and sign up for a vendor zone!).

    (Yes, the first link is to a new forum).

  • November 29, 2016

    Equipment failure

    A network switch failed causing an outage for the management system and the NTP Pool website. The DNS and NTP services should only be minorly affected, even if the outage lasts a little while.

    I’ll update status website with updates.

  • November 4, 2016

    NTP Best Current Practices

    The IETF has published a new version of NTP Best Current Practices documenting learned best practices on how to run NTP servers and clients.

    If you know a little about the NTP protocol reading it will be a quick way to learn more about how it works “in the wild” (including on your own systems).

    Some of it is specific to the “reference” ntpd implementation, but much of it will apply to other clients or servers, too.

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